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Alone PDF Print E-mail

Colour prints competition judged by Mabelle Imossi. Click here or on the photo to view some of the entries.


Joe Molinari - Lost - 30 Points

Textures PDF Print E-mail

Monochrome prints competition judged by Carlos Teuma. Click here or on the photo to see some of the entries.

Leslie Linares - Pegs - 25 Points

Bright Colours PDF Print E-mail

The new season 2015/16 got underway with the first Digital Screening Competition. Competition judged by Derek Booth. Click here or on the photo to see some of the entries.

Annual Exhibition 2015 PDF Print E-mail

The opening of the 2015 Annual Exhibition will be on Monday 28th September 2015, at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery in Casemates at 1900hrs. All are welcome to attend !

Busy at work ! Photo by Derek Booth


Winners of Competitions PDF Print E-mail







Photographer of the Year

Mabelle Imossi


Beginner of the Year

Brian Curtis


Photograph of the Year

Stefano Plantone


Monochrome Prints Competitions

Society Challenge Cup

Simon Ede

Paul Lawford

Colour Prints Competitions

Fotolab Challenge Cup

Angelique Fernandez

Aaron Baglietto

Victor Hermida

Digital Screening competitions

Kodak Challenge Trophy

Mabelle Imossi

Roy McGrail

Beginners Monochrome Prints Competition

H Linares Challenge Cup

Monica McMahon

Brian Curtis

Beginners Colour Prints Competition

Pardo Challenge Cup

Brian Curtis

Debra Coleman

Beginners Digital Screening Competition

Harper Challenge Trophy

Debra Coleman

Stefano Plantone

Soraya Schembri

Beginners Portfolio Competition

Booth Challenge Trophy

Soraya Schembri

Nicola Howes

Natalie Fernandez


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